Technology Professionals, use These Resume and Interview Tips to Land Your Next Gig

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Interview advice for technology professionals

Technology professionals have many opportunities to choose from in the current job market. Whether you are an analyst, engineer, developer, lead, manager, etc., your next move begins with a resume review and action plan (e.g., how you will go from one project to another).

Job seekers must also prepare for increased competition within their respective fields. And although a well-designed resume will garner attention from a talent manager, the interview process requires more preparation and strategy. 

As the job seeker, some factors are under your control during the interview process; others are not. According to our team of IT talent managers, preparation is crucial for a successful interview experience. Those who show initiative and take their interviews seriously receive more attention than those who don’t show extra effort. The individuals who perform well don’t minimize the hiring process. Additionally, they embrace the details, stand out, and communicate why they are the best fit for the position and organization.

The Carrera Agency Model — People First

Since 2002, the placement of technology professionals in key project and management consulting roles has remained most relevant to The Carrera Agency. The past seventeen years taught us to do many things well, and this includes engaging top talent. This as a primary function of talent management, one that our boutique agency is entrusted with by Fortune 1000 organizations for their technology and digital consulting needs. To satisfy this requirement, every talent manager uses a personal approach and puts the individual at the center of every touchpoint. 

Talent management, concerning Carrera’s model, is full-cycle relationship building. To match the right person with the right project is equal parts art and skill. Most importantly, the match must be a good fit for both the talent and the company, based on a myriad of hard and soft skills. 

Our Talent Managers prefer to network with technology professionals long-term and present them for relevant opportunities. Some factors that determine relevance are skills, cultural fit, performance record, compensation, and location. We also work with people to uncover positions that match their goals and objectives, rather than try to manufacture a fit where it does not exist.

Application Tips For Technology Professionals 

Before applying to your next consulting position, review these tips for technology professionals, from the talent management team at The Carrera Agency. The more you know, the better you can prepare. Remember, you — the technology professional — have the power to stand out. Use the following advice to increase your job search success rate.

Resume Tips

  • Read the entire job description before submitting your resume; identify specific details that make you an exceptional candidate.
  • Read up on the company; learn about the organization, its mission, vision, and internal culture. Complete this homework before hitting the ‘submit’ button
  • Elaborate on hard and soft skills; communicate achievements that demonstrate your skills — and the impact you made
  • For each position on your resume, clearly highlight project success and your contribution
  • Make sure that your resume and LinkedIn profile tell the same story
  • Remove irrelevant information and condense past projects and positions that don’t support the position you are applying to
  • Include a clear skills section that can be supported with examples
  • Use keywords as they are mentioned in the description
  • If you receive a response from a talent manager, respond in a timely fashion and provide information that is requested. It will go a long way!

The key takeaway: do your research and personalize your resume to reflect what you learned. These tips will increase your odds of being chosen for an initial interview. When that time comes, the work you put into your resume will carry over into the interview process. Review the following tips to best prepare.

Interview Tips

  • Know your skills and how to speak to your strengths without sounding like you are reading directly from your resume
  • Be yourself, be confident and articulate
  • Answer the question asked in a concise manner; remain on topic
  • With the limited time you have, share your commitment and passion for the position
  • Incorporate keywords into your spoken examples

The Key takeaway: Be clear and concise; provide answers and stick to the point. Remember, the first interview is a great time to begin your preparation for what comes next — the hiring manager. We advise candidates to gather the information they need before the call ends. 

If your first interview goes well and you are feeling good about the position, ask about the next interview. This action communicates that you are ready for the next step. 

 The Personal Approach

The Carrera Agency’s trademark personal approach ensures that each candidate receives the necessary tools to be successful. This entails proactively providing details for further research and networking.

What you can expect from our talent managers:

  • Confirmation on what the hiring manager is looking for from their ideal candidate
  • The names and LinkedIn profiles of the interviewers, and a recommendation to look up the interviewers to see what their background is and if there is anything they might connect to, or have in common
  • An explanation of the role details as provided by the hiring manager
  • Link to the job description again for reference
  • Link/URL for company details – and directions to study the client’s business
  • Available notes on the internal company environment and culture  
  • Notes on the types of questions to expect

Over the years, an important truth has emerged about the hiring process. A hiring manager wants to focus on your skills and experience, so don’t let avoidable errors be a distraction. A candidate’s thoroughness and diligence complement the work of a talent manager. Together, the two parties work to make a strong first impression. When you’re ready, we can help identify your next project. 

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